Web design

Web design is the process of transforming a good user story into unique visuals in the form of a website. Web design requires multiple skills and a good understanding and balance of typography, color, layout and proportions. Presenting data and information contained in a website is what web design is all about. There are many aspects covered during the design of a website and each of them should be considered both individually and with respect to the others.

Magni’s approach is to always do the research first. We get familiar with the domain, audience and expectations in order to create a product that is easily distinguishable. We then proceed with creating a design concept, suggesting the general look, color palette and typography that will be used in the interface overall.

In addition to creating attractive resources, we think how the users will interact with the system and particular elements, and we describe and reiterate until everyone is happy with the design approach. We are up to speed with current trends in web design, which is reflected on the modern and engaging look and feel of our designs.

We combine both academic knowledge and user experience when delivering simple and interactive website designs. Regardless of project size, we can interpret it in a clear, concise, easy-to-use way that captures and can fascinate your audience.

Tools and technologies: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

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