A well-defined brand should reflect quality by delivering trust and meeting expectations. Branding is not only the visual presence, but also a communication of the main characteristics, core values, objectives, strategy, design, symbol, colors or any other term that identifies with a company, individual, product or service. Each brand competes for your time and attention, so it should transmit a positive experience that people can endorse.

Magni’s approach is practical. When a company looks to establish itself on the marketplace, we try to consider more solutions and find the best approach to strengthen the brand perception, creating the design materials with utmost attention and love for branding.

To create an engaging logo that best represents the brand, we begin by gathering all the information surrounding the brand, sketching and creating different design concepts. This usually involves a pencil and paper. We discuss, ask for feedback and choose the best representation. We continue by making a transition with the selected concept into digital form, in vector format, that helps the client to effectively scale the resources at any size without losing detail or quality.

Proper branding can elevate the personality of a product, service or company, making it rise above the competition.

Tools and technologies: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

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